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Check if you can contact another Jaguar using the same cables and computer, if another Jaguar works properly you need to verify that the spring contacts of the Jaguar CAN port are not bent or pressed in.Carefully pulling these contacts outwards may result in better connection, causing the Jaguar to function properly again. I just purchased this one to replace my original 2000 XKR which was totalled (sob! The "new" one has the nav system but i am sure the DVD has never been upgraded. They come up on ebay from time to time, but may not be worth the investment for a 2003 update.This is the Alpine system which they stopped supplying in 2007. I think there's a link in the FAQ thread that goes into the various versions, but simply put, the last disc from Jag, alpine part BM9JG91F.thats very interesting Steve, mine also went intermittent after bout 3 years, thought it was just my drive going out as I could hear it spinning slower, and less 'continued' read bursts from it.I can't remember if I tried my original or not, I think I did..at least I hope I did before I junked the nav drive and sold off my 03 disc. The micro USB port for the Fender Jaguar controller is located behind the faceplate. First, adjust the clasp on the back of the neck so it is slid up as shown, allowing the neck to safely bend. If you are using an Xbox One Fender Stratocaster guitar controller, no firmware update is required. It requires connecting your guitar controller to your PC via micro USB.

My suspicion is that writable DVD's may 'decay' somehow in the heat, and the DVD Navigation reader is fussy about disks (I've heard others say copies just didn't work) -Steve Bob, I am pretty sure its just a map update, no software changes.The micro USB port is next to the D-Pad once the pickguard is removed.Once you've downloaded the firmware update, open the file and run 'Hmx Guitar Flash Tool.exe'. A small window will then open, and the following steps will play out in sequence. Reverse the physical steps (put the pickguard back on, then fold the neck back up), and you can begin playing!The recommended method to do so is by using the serial interface and the BDC-Comm software tool. For updating firmware it is recommended to have the minimum number of devices on the bus.For Black Jaguars this means that you should connect the DB-9 to RJ-11 cable directly to the left RJ-11 port (when looking at the Jaguar with the fan housing at the back) on the Jaguar being updated and nothing should be connected to the right port.

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Then, fold the guitar neck backwards so it meets the back of the guitar.

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