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He called his manager to throw a tantrum and complain.He said, "No one pay any attention to me, I could say that I was very in character. (Would you throw a tantrum with your girlfriend Angelababy Yaing Ying?She has not attended a premiere in a long time and she was too lazy to attend other people's premiere normally. Earlier male oriented films have been the mainstream for many years. Many directors should have a close 'eye' on quality actors like us."Yip Shuen said that in the film she arranged for Chan Wai Ting to pursue Ha Man Jik but actually had other ideas.Finally she forced Chan Wai Ting to pursue her instead. She said no, but a boyfriend's former girlfriend stated that she would keep an eye on her.

The two talked about continuing their fate ten years later.

So I could just hit for real." Huang Xiaoming said that during the shoot the enormous pressure made him ask why he was alive, why he worked hard and kept working hard.

He was very stressed and once suspected that he was depressed.

) I swear that I wouldn't yell at or hit women in my life." Paired with Xiaoming in the film, Fiona admitted, "Seeing Xiaoming is like looking into a mirror and seeing the horrifying look of when I had depression.

I kept a diary, now looking back I thought I was very scary back then.

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