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In fact much of the general image of Islam as misogynistic stems from such "local traditions"; scriptural and institutionally, only some of this reputation is deserved, and in practice the varied, heterogeneous Muslim world has at many points been arguably more "pro-woman" than contemporary Christians or Jews (though given the historical periods in question you'd be forgiven for thinking that isn't saying much).Particularly, if you're not sure whether the word for dress code is .Halal is typically referred to as a law of cleanliness, including a set of dietary restrictions somewhat similar to rules in Judaism.For example, meat must be specially prepared, absolutely no pork may be eaten, etc.Muslims can eat kosher food, as the Jewish dietary laws are actually stricter than the Islamic ones and it says in the Qur'an that they may eat the food of the Jews and the Christians.There is debate over how "Christian" the food most Christians eat is, though, so that part's mainly ignored.Persia was also one of the most important early Muslim nations and influenced much of both Muslim and Arab culture.A semi-detailed breakdown of Muslim population by cultural grouping goes something like this: These proportions are likely to change slightly in the near future, as Sub-Saharan Africa still has very high population growth rates, while South Asia and the Arab world are for the most part in the midst of a demographic transition and their birthrates are getting much lower very quickly; expect African Islam to get more press in the near future.

Many Islamic countries do have an enforced death penalty for those who renounce Islam.

A famous sect of Ismaili Shiites known as the Hashishin gave us the word "assassinate", although the legends that its members smoked hashish (which is Arabic for "grass"...

obviously, stoners everywhere make the same connections) before eliminating their target, with the promise of more hash later, are most likely the result of factional propaganda.

The Hashemites are still kings of Jordan, briefly of Iraq and were custodians of Mecca until the 1920s.

The King of Morocco, because he claims descent from the Caliphate of Cordoba, who claimed descent from an Umayyad prince who fled to Spain due to the rise of the Abbasids, still calls himself Commander of the Faithful.

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Although Arabic culture is very important in Islam (since it's the liturgical language, the heartland and foundation, and Mecca and Medina are in Arabia), "Arab" and "Muslim" are by no means mutually inclusive.

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